Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Visions For Change

After yesterdays post it seems clear there are two possible directions should it be decided to migrate BW to a new server.

Transfer - move BW as a whole and intact to some other wiki service.

Takeover - move the BW community (what there is) to Brickipedia and re-shape it with contributions and content from BW.

I see them both as taking a lot of effort. Transfer requires a lot of effort and expertise at the beginning. Takeover requires slightly less initial expertise but would require much more sustained effort over a longer period of time.

My preference is clearly for the transfer option as I see several wiki hosting options that appear to be as reliable as Wikia. Lar++ obviously favours the takeover route and the comfort of an existing service. In reality the direction we take may come down to whether we have anyone willing to make the transfer happen.

But before we go too far down this path, do we have consensus on the need to move?

Venkatesh, Tim, anyone?

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