Friday, April 10, 2009

What is an Admin?

[A reminder that what follows is editorial opinion and not official policy of BW]

Recently a new contributor to BW asked for Admin status. Included in the request was the note that he had made 100 edits. I looked at some of the edits and new articles created and was left with several questions.

Where did the idea come from that 100 edits qualify someone to be an admin?

Given that a large number of those edits were simply adding gobbledegook to the contributor's User page or stubs not properly categorized, what sort of quality of edit would be accepted for such a policy?

Why would someone want to be an admin for a wiki they had been contributing to for only a short time?

Heck, why would anyone want to be an admin? OK, that is a little personal because I was asked last year if I wanted to do it and I am too lazy to add admin duties to my BW contributions.

I would like to see someone offered a position as an admin only after they have shown they are capable of mature, regular and quality contributions to BW. That may make me an elitist and perhaps turn off some potential contributors - a dangerous approach when there are currently so few regular contributors - but I would rather BW maintains and improves it's quality.

Lower standards are not the answer to our recruitment efforts.

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Lar said...

Good comment, sorry it took me a while to spot this. BW does not need more contributors at the cost of degrading quality.

My view of that admin wannabe was that they were trophy collecting. Sorry to be ageist but probably a young person, and perhaps someone who had done the same thing at other wikis.

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